How to contribute

  1. Set up your video recording software (e.g., iMovie, Windows Movie Maker) or (even better) an external video camera. Test your sound quality and levels, and check your shot to make sure it all looks and sounds good. Avoid letting your headphones/speakers leak into your audio signal (closed ear buds may be best for acoustic instrumentalists). See the FAQ for information on how best to set levels.
  2. Start recording audio/video.
  3. Load a mix by clicking it on the menubar of the Weblogmusic site and play with the ensemble! Let’s keep performances between 10 and 15 minutes.
  4. Trim the ends off your video if desired, normalize the audio (so you’re as loud as everyone else), and export them as Quicktime (preferred) or WMV videos. Aim for medium video quality and best audio quality (e.g., 320kbps AAC). See instructions here for Mac and for Windows.
  5. Upload your video to YouTube (see here for help). Recommended: set it to Unlisted instead of public so only people that have the URL can watch it.
  6. E-mail the URL of your video to morris at and say which mix you played along with!